Character Page

Character Page

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Note: Age is as of 2009
AKO: Ako is a devious fallen with a mysterious past. A tad manipulative, she often gets upset when things don't go quite her way. Ako really enjoys scaring mortals and is often found in a public place at night, causing havoc. Tends to exagerate (Ex: her age) and likes to think of herself as the new reaper.

KELLY: A stern, strong willed young vampire, Kelly is often misunderstood. When confronted by curiosity, she tends to leap before she thinks. Kelly is easily excitable and usually one to take control of a seemingly hopeless situation.

EDGAR: Being the goofy father type, Edgar Porter tends to use a broad range of emotions. When paired with Ako, comedy and mischief typically follows.

WILETTA: Being the mother of Kelly, Wiletta is stern and vampirey. Although she doesn't enter the story much, Wiletta is a fundamental aspect of what will come. Killed by the vampire counsel in 1992, she will be remembered fondly.

LORCAN: Charming and witty, Lorcan is the leader of the Vampire Counsel. He may look young but he has the anger of a roman warrior. Never backing down from a fight, Lorcan is vicious but often leaves the dirty work to others. Killed Wiletta himself. Became vampire at age 20.