blue print
house 1
house 2
house 3
1st floor
1st floor walls down
Second floor
2nd floor
First floor
hall first floor 1
2nd floor
hall 2nd floor 1
hall 2nd floor 2
hall 2nd floor 3
hall 2nd floor 4
The blue bathroom is on the 2nd floor next to Kelly's room.
bathroom blue 1
bathroom blue 2
bathroom blue 3
The "green" bathroom is between Edgar's room and the guest room on the 2nd floor.
bathroom green 1
bathroom green 2
bathroom green 3
bathroom green 4
The purple bathroom is on the first floor behind the living room.
bathroom purple 1
bathroom purple 2
bathroom purple 3
bathroom purple 4
The dining room is on the first floor, behind the kitchen.
dining room 1
dining room 2
dining room 3
dining room 4
dining room 5
dining room 6
dining room 7
dining room 8
Edgar's room is on the 2nd floor. It is never actually shown in the comic.
edgars room 1
edgars room 2
edgars room 3
edgars room 4
edgars room 5
Guest room... It is questioned as to why Ako didn't take up residence in here instead of kelly's room. The answer is that it simply wasn't created until a few chapters after she did so. It was created to make the hallway scene in chapter 2 more realistic. Oh, it is on the 2nd floor.
guest room 1
guest room 2
guest room 3
guest room 4
guest room 5

There is a few scenes within Kelly's room, and in everyone the room is a little different.
kellys room 1
kellys room 2
kellys room 3
kellys room 4
The kitchen may never be shown in the comic. It is on the 1st floor.
kitchen 1
kitchen 2
kitchen 3
kitchen 4
The living room is on the first floor.
living room 1
living room 2
living room 3
living room 4
living room 5
living room 6
living room 7
living room 8
living room 9
The sitting room is pretty much a closed in living room. Located next to Kelly's room on the 2nd floor.
sitting room 1
sitting room 2
sitting room 3
sitting room 4