I have been remaking old pages so... yah


You know that "little" 2000 word report for history i had to do? Well, I got it back the other day and I was amazed to find that i got an A. I'm so happy!!! My grades are going back up!!!!!! HAZAAAAA~
oh and more updates soon...ish. [the next few pages (as well as the next chapter ><) have a bit more, harder to draw, action in them]

2000 words of death XP

Well i have the next update done... but my history teach assigned a 2000 word research paper and it is due at the end of the month. I have been spending almost all free time devoted to that (other than other school work and being lazy) so updates this month will be a little random... i'll try to have the next update posted on wed. but don't count on it. love yall and BEE HAPPY.
-Eaglelily ☺ <3

P.S. Wish me luck it is worth 15%-25% of my over-all grade and i'm at a C already >>

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